The Siem Reap Shooting Range - Attraction

Feel the excitement of firing a gun while having a sojourn in Cambodia. A visit to the Siem Reap Shooting Gallery is worth your money with the experience of firing an AK47 or M16 like a pro. The shooting gallery is located on the road going to Banteay Srei in Siem Reap right at the military base far from the Angkor Archaeological Park.
Travelers are required to have a temple pass if they visit Banteay Srei but they don’t have to get a pass if they go there for shooting. The friendly staff will usher you to the shooting range and will orient you to their sets of weapons. For $60, you will enjoy firing for a 30 round of magazine or 30 bullets of the AK47.
The shooting range has a wide variety of assault weapons and handguns such as AK-47, M-16, M-16A, Russian Burp Machine Gun, Dragunov and Uzi. You are given options which weapon on the menu to shoot.
Once you have picked your weapon, the staff will provide you with ear defenders and instruction on how to hit the paper target. The good news is if you book with them in advance, they will provide you with five free bullets plus you can bring the paper target as a souvenir. Visitors are allowed to take photos of them holding the guns on display.

Firing a real gun is a unique traveling experience in Siem Reap, certainly what you pay for is really worth the fun and excitement, you will have the widest range of guns to shoot anywhere in Asia.
If you get the most of your visit to the Siem Reap Shooting Gallery, bring extra dollars to try on different weapons because this is a rare opportunity to hold a gun without getting arrested.